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Sophos Intercept X achieves ‘AAA’ Protection

18 November 2022Cyber Awareness
Sophos Intercept X 'AAA' Protection score

Sophos Intercept X achieves ‘AAA’ Protection score

Fourtify are delighted to share that Sophos Intercept X achieves ‘AAA’ Protection score in the latest SE Labs Endpoint Protection Report.

Sophos Intercept X delivers world class protection to both Enterprise and SMB organsiations globally and earned a 100% rating for Protection Accuracy, Legitimate Accuracy, and Total Accuracy in the Enterprise and SMB categories in this latest round of testing (October 2022).

Commenting on the results, Simon Edwards, CEO of SE Labs, said:

“Sophos Intercept X stopped all threats and allowed all legitimate applications. The AAA award is well deserved and shows that Sophos goes well beyond basic functionality. The solution can handle both common and customized threats, without blocking the software you need to run on your computer.”

Fourtify your business with world-leading ‘AAA’ threat protection

Fourtifys’ partnership with Sophos allows us to deliver solutions including Sophos Intercept X and Sophos XDR (extended detection and response), which combine anti-ransomware technology, deep learning artificial intelligence, exploit prevention, and active adversary mitigations to stop attacks.

All Sophos solutions are powered by threat intelligence from Sophos X-Ops, a cross-operational task force linking SophosLabs, Sophos SecOps, and SophosAI, bringing together deep expertise across the attack environment. Armed with this understanding, Sophos can build powerful, effective defences against even the most advanced threats.

You can easily manage your Sophos solutions in their cloud-native Sophos Central platform or by Sophos Managed Detection and Response, a 24/7 managed detection and response (MDR) service used by more than 12,600 organizations worldwide.

The importance of high-quality third-party testing

Simon Reed, Senior Vice President of SophosLabs says, “Sophos believes in the informational and transparency value of regular participation in third-party testing.”

Of course, tests are most valuable when they challenge solutions in real-world scenarios. As Simon Edwards of SE Labs explains:

“How hard do you want your security testing to be? We could take a product, scan a real virus and record that it detected a threat. Great, but what does that tell us? It’s a very basic test that only verifies that the software actually is an anti-malware product. You can’t tell if it’s better than other anti-malware products, because it’s just one file being scanned and detected. You don’t even know if the product could protect against the threat, just that it detected it. So, we turned up the dial and threw a wider range of attacks at the products. Each solution was exposed to the same threats, which were a mixture of targeted attacks using well-established techniques and public email and web-based threats that were found to be live on the internet at the time of the test.”