IASME Cyber Assurance

IASME Cyber Assurance has been created to offer a comprehensive, affordable, and flexible Cyber Security Information Assurance standard providing Level 1 and Level 2 Certifications to assure that the organisation who achieves it has implemented a range of vital Cyber Security, Privacy and Data Protections measures within their business.

Cyber Assurance Certification

IASME Cyber Assurance (formerly IASME Governance) is the flagship IASME standard created to provide SMEs with an affordable and achieveable Information Assurance standard to ISO27001.

IASME Cyber Assurance is a comprehensive, affordable, and flexible Cyber Security standard providing assurance to your customers, prospects, steakholders and supply chains that you have implemented a range of critcal Cyber Security, Privacy and Data Protections measures and processes within your business.

The standard is available in two levels – 1. A verified assessment and 2. An audited assessment.

For Level 1 – A verified assessment, organisations access a secure portal to answer around 160 questions about their security. The assessment is marked by Fourtify OR another Certification Body and a pass or fail is returned to the organisation.

For Level 2 – An audited asseessment, an assessor from Fourtify conducts an on-site audit of the controls, processes and procedures covered in the standard. The audited version gives a higher level of assurance and is pass or fail. (There are no longer bronze, silver, and gold classifications to achieve).

The certification aligns with the UK Governments 10 steps to Cyber Security in addition to Data Privacy controls. Cyber Assurance also offers smaller companies within a supply chain a ‘right sized’ approach to demonstrate their level of information security for a realistic and achievable cost for SMEs.

By achieving this standard, organisations ensure critical Cyber Security measures are implemented which include Assessing and Managing Risk, User Training and Creation and Implementation of Information Assurance Policies. Resilience Strategies including Data Backup, Business Continuity Planning and Incident Response and Legal and Regulatory requirements such as your country’s implementation of GDPR.

The new IASME Cyber Assurance Standard covers 13 themes, which can be broken down in to 4 key categories.

IASME Cyber Assurance Key Categories

Identify and Classify

Cyber Assurance, Identify

Its critical to understand what your environment comprises of. Before you can implement appropriate controls, its important to identify your assets and classify them.

Defend and Protect

Fourtify IASME Cyber Assurance, Cyber Security Gap Analysis

Protecting your estate doesn't just involve Anti-Malware solutions. Business' need to control access, prevent technical attacks and back-up their data.

Detect and Deter

Fourtify Cyber Security Solutions, Cyber Security Gap Analysis

Detect and Deter examines your processes to actively monitor your environment to detect when attacks happen and ensure you review and manage changes within the business effectively.

Respond and Recover

Patch Management, Cyber Essentials, Cyber Security Gap Analysis

If the worst happens, you need clear direction to manage recovery with Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery processes agreed and implemented.

Why should you get certified?

The IASME Cyber Assurance standard has been created to ensure all business’ from SME to Enterprise can achieve a recognised industry standard for Information Assurance.

IASME Cyber Assurance is a widely recognised industry standard which is affordable and being widely accepted as an alternative certification to ISO27001.

By achieveing IASME Cyber Assurance your business is demonstrating that you are effectively:

  • Managing Risk
  • Training Staff
  • Implementing and Managing Information Security Policies
  • Implementing and Managing a Resilience Strategy
  • Implementing and Managing Business Continuity Planning
  • Implementing Disaster Recovery


Fourtify Cyber Security Solutions, mobile protection

IASME Cyber Assurance

Is IASME Cyber Assurance right for me?

If you have been considering implementing an Information Assurance standard for your organisation such as ISO27001 but have found the costs prohibitive, IASME Cyber Assurance is widely accepted across industries as an alternative to ISO 27001 and specifically designed to be flexible, affordable and achievable for organisations of all sizes.

The IASME Cyber Assurance Standard enables businesses to demonstrate their Information Security & Compliance and helps to:

  • Identify risks to your corporate data
  • Implement and apply security controls to reduce the likelihood or impact of malicious activity
  • Ensure information risk is maintained at an acceptable level which meets the standard
  • Clearly document and define company controls and processes utilised to effectively manage corporate data
  • Proactively verify that the security controls implemented provide the intended level of information and Cyber Security
  • Achieve certification following an assessment by a Fourtify assessor who will independently document and verify the controls, processes and procedures covered in the IASME Cyber Assurance Standard
  • Comply with GDPR Regulations
  • Demonstrate a level of Cyber Assurance to your customers, prospects, and suppliers akin to ISO/IEC 27001 and similar standards


Benefits of IASME Cyber Assurance Certification

Recognised by UK Government

IASME work in partnership with the National Cyber Security Council to create and manage these standards supported by UK Government.

Win New Business

Win work with the UK Government. Organisations are required to hold Cyber Essentials for contracts which handle sensitive or personal data.

Reassure Your Customers

Reassure your customers and steakholders that you take Information Assurance seriously. By achieving IASME Cyber Assurance Level 1 / Level 2 Certification.

Cyber Liability Insurance

Opt-in for FREE Cyber Liability Insurance for UK based organisation upon achieving Cyber Essentials if your turnover is less then £20,000,000.00.

Affordable and Flexible Security Standard

IASME Cyber Assurance has been specifically designed to be affordable with SMEs in mind.

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