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IASME Cyber Baseline FAQs

11 March 2024Consultancy, IASME Cyber Baseline

What Exactly is IASME Cyber Baseline?

The IASME Cyber Baseline standard is a globally recognised certification that tackles the basic, but critical, cyber security protection measures. This certification serves as a foundational step for organisations to demonstrate their commitment to safeguarding against cyber threats. It acts as the gateway to achieving the more advanced IASME Cyber Assurance standard, which is a comprehensive standard focused on risk management and policy implementation.

Embarking on Certification: How to Begin

To obtain the IASME Cyber Baseline certification, organisations must complete a verified questionnaire via the certification platform, following registration. This process requires the digital endorsement of the responses by a senior executive to confirm their accuracy. Subsequently, an expert Assessor from Fourtify evaluates the submission. Organisations are given a six-month window from the application date to successfully pass this assessment.

Before applying, it’s advisable to download and prepare your responses to the assessment questions, which are available at no cost. This preparation can be done using a document or spreadsheet, which you can then transfer to the online platform. Remember, direct spreadsheet submissions are not accepted; entries must be made through the online platform.

You can find the assessment questions by scrolling to the IASME Cyber Baseline section here.

How much does IASME Cyber Baseline Cost?

The cost for the IASME Cyber Baseline certification varies based on the size of your organisation, starting at £300.00 for micro-organizations and capping at £500.00 for larger entities. This pricing reflects the complexity and resources needed for the assessment of organisations of different sizes.

Pricing below is for assessment only (not including consultancy & support);

Micro Organisations (0-9 Employees) \ £300.00 + VAT

Small Organisations (10-49 Employees) \ £400.00 + VAT

Medium Organisations (10-49 Employees) \ £450.00 + VAT

Large Organisations (10-49 Employees) \ £500.00 + VAT

How do i Pay?

Fourtify issues an invoice that splits the payment into two parts: 50% upfront and the remaining 50% upon completion.

What to expect during Certification

Preparation is key. Downloading and preparing your answers beforehand can significantly reduce the time needed to complete the assessment. After submission, the assessment results are usually returned within three days. Should there be any need for revisions, your Fourtify assessor will be in touch to discuss in detail.

Certification Duration

The IASME Cyber Baseline certification is valid for one year and requires annual renewal.

Preparation Tips

Starting early with your preparation using a working document or spreadsheet is recommended. Fourtify offers support in evaluating your current practices and implementing necessary controls to meet the certification requirements.

You can access the questionsheet in excel format too, just ask the team –

Receiving Your Certification

Your digital certification will be issued by IASME, utilising BlockMark technology for security, transparency, and verification. Upon passing your assessment, you’ll receive an email with your results followed by another containing your digital certificate. This certificate can be showcased on your email and website as evidence of your certification, following the provided branding guidelines.

Next Steps: IASME Cyber Assurance

IASME Cyber Assurance represents the next level of certification, covering comprehensive cyber security practices across 13 themes. Achieving the IASME Cyber Baseline certification is a prerequisite for pursuing Cyber Assurance.

Can i do both Cyber Baseline and Cyber Assurance at the same time?

While you can apply for both certifications simultaneously, you must first complete the Cyber Baseline before proceeding with the Cyber Assurance certification. Each certification has its own pricing structure.